tStack is modular email template builder which I developed whilst working at Sky. The email development team routinely produce HTML emails using snippets of code which they combine together manually to produce the finished article. These include image blocks, footers, social icons and so on. The goal with tStack was to create a tool to allow them to easily create emails by combining these snippets.

Sound Sniffer

Sound Sniffer is a React app which tracks your favourite artists and displays their latest music releases by using the Spotify API. You can remove old favourites, and search for and add new ones. Your new releases feed will automatically refresh and show you the latest and greatest new music from your personal best list.


Moneypots is an Angular app which allows you to keep track of your money across multiple bank accounts. For users who open separate accounts for different purposes (E.G. Halifax for Christmas, Lloyds for that holiday to New York!), Moneypots keeps a record of the total in each, enabling you to conveniently view all of your savings pots in one place.

Twomey Carpentry

The website for my Dad's carpentry and joinery business. Used to showcase previous projects and enable customers in the local area and beyond to easily get in touch.

Asset Eater 2

Asset Eater 2 is an improved version of the original Asset Eater extension I developed whilst working for Sky. The tool has been re-imagined and re-worked to make the functionality more efficient for the user. The time saving is now even more substantial when compared to the previous work process.

Asset Eater

The Asset Eater Chrome extension is a tool I built to help myself and my fellow developers be more efficient at work. At the click of a button, it downloads multiple files from Google's DoubleClick platform in a fraction of the time it would take to do so manually.


This JavaScript calculator was a fun little project to diversify from the code one might ordinarily use when creating a simple website. Expect more exciting examples to come as I learn more advanced programming and begin to work on more complex development projects.

Streeten Design Projects

The majority of my development work recently has been focused on the client projects for Streeten Design. We've been creating some fantastic stuff, not least our own new company website.


Mako is a fictional branding and design company. For this website I wanted to go ultra clean and modern, with a completely stripped back design and colour scheme. The site is pure white throughout, with the only colour coming from the blocks of images adorning the pages.

Phabulous Photo Phanatics

The website for Phabulous Photo Phanatics was created with a fictional photography company in mind. Emphasis is placed on the stunning imagery throughout the site, and the addition of a masonry gallery showcases them beautifully. A sidebar navigation provides a slick, modern alternative to the commonly used top navigation bar.

Luke Through The Keyhole

The "Luke Through The Keyhole" blog originally existed on Blogger, way before I'd even considered becoming a web developer. I've now created my own site on which to host all my existing, and future travel blogs.