That video came pretty quickly right? Well that's exactly how it was for me! A short ride over to the platform, one guy who put things over my ankles, another guy who rigged everything up in the chair, then before I knew it I was standing at the edge ready to jump! "3, 2, 1" and then I just had to go didn't I? How embarrassing would that look if I didn't go first time?! I honestly wasn't terrified, nervous of course! - but I probably would have been a whole lot more nervous had the whole thing been dragged out! They obviously do that on purpose so you don't have time to think about it too much and potentially change your mind!

When I booked it I picked an early time, one of the first for the day. As a result there were only three of us in my group, two girls and I. So of course, predictably, it ended up being me that jumped first as one of the bungy guys said something like "Luke will show you girls how it's done, won't you mate?". Oh. Thanks. Now I HAD to go first or I'd look like a pussy. Well played bungy guys. Once you are all hooked up you have to awkwardly shuffle over to the edge as your legs are bound together. There is a brief moment for you to think "What the actual feck am I doing?!" before looking around – and down – at the view before you. There's also a scary moment when the guy drops that big red thing, it's quite heavy and pulls you forward! It feels like you're about to get pulled off the edge, but he's holding you from behind.

Then the dreaded countdown begins... then the dreaded countdown ends... and it's time to go! I sort of fell, rather than jumped off, but hey, at least I went! When you actually jump off it's a sensation like you've never experienced before, it's so hard to describe. But it's so fast, and it feels like your stomach is doing loops as you just drop from the sky! It's over in absolutely no time at all – you are so high up you have around eight seconds of freefall time, but it goes so quickly you'd never believe that was the case!

When you come up your adrenalin is pumping and I couldn't quite believe I'd actually just done it! If any of you are thinking about doing it, but need a little push... do it. Trust me, you won't regret it! And if you literally need a little push, I'm sure the bungy guys would be happy to oblige!

After doing that in the morning, the rest of the day seemed pretty mundane in comparison! Queenstown is a nice little town situated right by the water, which I always love. It's busier than the other places I'd been to but still relaxing enough to make it peaceful. Actually, come to think about it, it's the perfect place to chill after doing something as extreme as bungy jumping!

I had an interesting experience in the hostel that night, I was down in the TV lounge watching a movie, and when it ended I headed back to my dorm. Turning the key in the door, and swinging it open, the room was dark apart from some dim light through the windows – everyone tucked up in bed. I got my phone out to use the screen to see where I was going, walked over to my bunk, and found someone lying in my bed! Now if it had been a hot girl I would have been pretty happy, but it was some tall Japanese guy instead. Not impressed. He was still awake... "That's my bed!" I said... "Ohh, sowwy!"he replied, jumping out. I got in, to observe him in the faint light look around blankly and then walk out the door. The problem for him, was that the room was full and there were no more beds. Obviously why he'd decided mine was suitable... I don't know what happened to him after that, as thoughts of him and the double booking slipped from my mind as I drifted off to sleep, ready to wake up the following morning to leave for Wanaka.