Napier is home to a large amount of art deco buildings in and around the city. One street in particular is full of them. Art deco isn't one of my favourite design styles, but it somehow seemed to work well in Napier and certainly gave the city a very unique atmosphere.

This Jaguar E-Type looked right at home...

In all my time travelling, up until New Zealand, there was always something I felt was missing. Something I couldn't quite put my finger on. Something I didn't even know I wanted, or even needed, until I stumbled upon it walking around Napier. Yes folks, that missing piece of the puzzle was....... Trainworld!

What can I say, it just amused me really. Not exactly Disneyworld is it?

Along the shoreline lies the Marine Parade, a nice enough walk along by the beach, with parks and sculptures and a few shops. Luckily enough it was a sunny day while I was there, and I was able to enjoy the warm weather again (as I write this looking out on the cold, wet British weather!).

My next stop was Taupo, where I had booked my skydive! I just hoped the nice weather would hold out until I got there too.

Wandering back inland, I came to a nice park with plenty of colourful flowers. Right by it was a farmer's market, where I just had to buy a cake. I forgot to take a picture, but it was a huge plum sponge which was pretty darn tasty.

It was only a tiny place, so there wasn't really anything else I could see or do that day – again, not without having a car to explore a little further out. Luckily I'd only planned one day there anyway, and the following morning I was heading to the place. The place where people fall from the sky with some fabric strapped to their back, held on by string.