Hi, I'm Luke.

My surname is Twomey (Irish, and notoriously hard to pronounce for the uninitiated). It's too-me by the way.

I've been working as a technical consultant in a software company for the past five years. This fully qualifies me to dispense the following invaluable advice regarding the problem you're no doubt having with your computer; turn it off and on again.

Five years in a job is a relatively long time. I felt like I needed a change of direction. An opportunity arose to travel to Sydney to visit some friends. At its inception I intended to spend one month there. This evolved into spending a year travelling around Australia. This further evolved into spending a year backpacking Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and New York. It hasn't yet got to the stage where I find myself trekking to the North Pole, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

I set up this blog for my own personal enjoyment, and sharing my experiences with friends and family.

Join me as I journey across the globe, experiencing soaring highs and crushing lows (hopefully less of the latter).

Check out my Flickr photostream which will be regularly updated with the amazing moments I capture along the way.